pic: FRC 525 - Our last 7 robots



I bought a new laptop and wanted to see what it could do. Here is a render of our last seven robots (all that we have CAD models of.) My last laptop was very laggy with our 2015 robot by itself (because of all the chain.) The new laptop has no trouble with all 7 at the same time.


Looks nice! What did you use to render it?


Creo Parametric 3.0


Really nice.


How did the hanging mechanism on the 2010 bot spring up?


The hook was held to the arms with velcro and tied to the winch with a strap. The arm, driven by torsional springs, was also held to the winch with a short cord. The first bit of motion by the winch let the arm loose which delivered the hook and the winch pulled the hook in.


Lot’s of continuity between your 7 robots ! Keep up the great work


Impressive render! How long did that take?



I’m not sure. For the final version, I started it and went off to do some errands. I’m guessing around 2 hours.

I did try a couple at higher resolutions (9000 x 3000 and 8100 x 2700) but those both stalled out. Must be some internal limit in Creo. The version I posted was rendered at 7200 x 2400.