pic: FRC 525 - Sturgis Falls Parade

This is the float we made for the Cedar Falls summer parade held today. Included was our last 14 robots, a special parade bot and all 20 of our blue banners (12 regional wins, 4 WFFAs, 2 RCAs, and 2 from China.) This year’s bot and the parade bot were driving, the 2006 bot was shooting poof balls.

Nice bumpers on the float, they look sweet! :smiley:


They’re made from the cardboard rolls from carpet (Menards) and fabric from a local fabric store that was going out of business.

Great float guys! Something tells me ‘this year’s robot’ must be your practice robot?:wink:

Yes - our competition bot left for China on the 22nd. We had to make a 3rd set of bumpers for the practice bot because the other two sets of bumpers are in the crate.