pic: FRC 57 Side view

Side view of our 2016 robot

I like the black yellow blocking flags. Do they go up to 4.5 feet ?

Looking forward to seeing 57 in action at LSR !

What’s your footprint? Bot looks small

Not quite that tall. They’re pivoted around 12" and they’re about 28" long to keep them inside the frame perimeter, so they’re around 3.5’ tall. Best we could manage and stay under the low bar. They’re mostly there for visibility.

We’re 31" wide by 28.5" long. Maybe being square makes it look smaller or something?

Probably those wheels!

I watched the video and was in awe by the fins. I love them.

The fins are try number 3. Second attempt was a collapsible cat tunnel extended or retracted by the tape measure lift. They scrapped that when I pointed out the lift was theoretical at that point and the tunnel would prevent us from tilting the tape to set the hook.

First attempt was one or two wind dancer things you see outside car washes and the like. Sadly, they couldn’t work out an adequate blower solution short of a leaf blower.