pic: FRC 5924 at SFR 2017

Another one of my favorite Steamworks robots! Can’t wait to see you all this offseason!

How does your floor gear mechanism work? Would you mind sending pictures/CAD?

Here’s a picture of our initial prototype of the type of gear grabber that made it onto the final robot.

The top is WCP 1.625" flex wheels and the bottom is just a surgical tubing roller. We found the ideal compression between the rollers to be 0.050", which allows the gear to be held securely but also allows it to be scored easily. The whole thing is powered by a 775pro on a 7:1 VP (which one side of the gear grabber pivots on so that we’re not moving the motor around when actuating the gear grabber). The bottom roller is powered through polycord wrapped in a figure 8. We replaced the polycord twice at each event, before quals and before elims. If we were doing this over again, there are much better and robust ways to do this (the polycord works great for prototypes though). I think one of the more unique points about our design was having vibrating feedback on the driver’s controller when a gear was acquired.

Here’s a pretty good overall picture of a prototype manipulator on our practice bot. The angle the gear sits at ensures that once the driver has lined up and has the gear on the peg, we can be confident it won’t fall off when released.

Here’s the whole album. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the final mechanism, but it was very similar to those prototypes (just looked a bit better). This match has a nice view of intaking and scoring gears.

Are you guys planning on doing any offseason events? We missed you at Chezy Champs :frowning: .