pic: FRC 701 2012 Robot, Odin


Team 701, the RoboVikes, presents their 2012 robot, Odin. It’s a short bot that can still shoot and collect balls. It also features a platform to allow another robot to piggyback on it during eliminations. The front manipulator is an intake, bridge tilter, and a “seatbelt” for a robot on top.

Awesome robot! It’s a bummer we won’t be seeing 701 at SVR this year. That robot looks amazing! Any drivetrain info, etc?

Wow that is impressive! How do other robots get on top of it? Is there a ramp? Also make sure you don’t break [G30-1].

"A Robot may only be supported (fully or partially) by another Robot if one of the Robots is in contact with a Bridge.

Violation: Technical Foul for extended, strategic, or repeated loss of contact."

Very nice. A nice, slightly different, bot designed to potentially fill out a complete Alliance. I tip my hat to you.

Thanks and we will miss out on SVR this year, but Davis will be fun as always and Spokane will be awesome.

Drive system is AM super shifters modified with the 2.82 reduction and used the 4:1 shift option. This gives us about 12-15 fps in high and 3-4 fps in low. The shooter is dual fp 2013 with AM 6" wheels separated by a couple of inches. We have a camera, but are still working on our auto aiming system. It’s a single hooded shooter. The intake system is powered by a bane bots 550 and a 16:1 gearbox. The intake is lowered and raised with 2 van door motors. The hood and bay doors close to provide a flat platform for a robot to drive off the bridge and onto us. We can then lower the bridge and climb onto the bridge with a robot on top of us. We did a bunch of testing with a tall robot on us and we can still balance. We were even able to do a three bot balance a couple of times.

We were a little worried that g30-1 was going to disallow this strategy, but it isn’t penalized unless it is a loss of contact that is repeated, extended or for strategic purposes. They don’t want a piggybacked robot to drive around the court. We will clarify this with refs at our first regional. If need be we can place a 14" zip tie that sticks out and touches the bridge as we lift/lower the intake to climb the bridge. Should be fun to watch.