pic: FRC 79's Drivetrain (incomplete)

Team 79’s NGC (Next Generation Crab) It is a coaxial drive with 6 inch diameter wheels

this picture was taken a few weeks ago but team tradition states that no pictures may be posted until after build season.

what gear ratios are you guys using?

Man, scouting you Florida teams is an absolute pleasure - you all seem to build gorgeous machines!

The drive motors are stock CIMple Boxes, with a 2:1 reduction in the Wheel Modules. Steering is driven by a Banebots RS-550 with a P60 gearbox (64:1) and a 3:1 reduction between the modules and the motor.


our scouting sub-team leader told me to put us some good pictures because she hates teams that don’t because it makes her job so much harder

Aaron, I guess I forgot to tell you before I graduated but krab is spelled with a K not a C :slight_smile:

that explains the early design issues I had lol

You’re both wrong.

It is acceptable in 79’s case because it is the Krunch Krab. :wink:

Beautiful and simple (well the top at least) machine yet again guys! Best of luck down in Florida, not that you need it!