pic: FRC Flash 1319 - Hockey Playing Robot (1/2)

FRC Flash 1319’s hockey playing robot shooting pucks at the iMAGINE Upstate STEM recognition night at the Greenville Road Warriors game!

As an avid robot and hockey fan, this is one of the cooler things I’ve seen on here. Any chance you have video of it in action?

Thanks! The students worked very hard to get this on the ice during this crazy build season.

You can watch a little video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWnJPdI7dp4&feature=youtu.be

You can also see some pictures on our website www.flash-1319.com

Pretty neat. I feel like swapping out the tires for something more grippy on ice would be really useful though.

Yes, but given the time constraints we were kind of limited to our current stock. Next year will be even better!

Wish I had gone to the Road Warriors game now that I see this picture! Team 4965 says hello from Anderson, SC!

It was certainly a lot of fun and great exposure for FIRST in the Upstate. Wish we could see y’all in competition this season but it looks like we are on different regional schedules. Good luck!