pic: FRC Growth vs Attrition - Since 2003


Comparison of more recent FRC growth vs attrition. Showing 2003, the last season of 2X2 through 2016.

2004 was the last season of 2v2.

My first glance at this graph doesn’t seem to match up with your other graph http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/43843?
That graph shows that FRC has been growing every year of its existence, whereas attrition rate was higher than your displayed growth rate at several points, in 2005, 2014, etc.

Can you clarify, is the ‘growth rate’ displayed in this graph equivalent to # (rookie teams / total teams), or is it overall growth rate (rookie teams - leaving teams / total teams)?

It’s net growth rate versus total attrition rate. So if you added 200 and lost 110, net growth of 90 looks smaller than the total teams lost.