pic: FRC KOP Chassis Butterfly Upgrade V2

Available on GrabCAD here.

I probably would’ve mounted the CIMs for the strafe wheel directly to the mount for the wheel, rather than mounting it on a separate piece with that longer axle to connect it.

Other than that, very cool idea!

Why are the perpendicular omni’s able to rotate around their shaft?

Suspension. They’re useless if they can’t contact the ground, so they’re mounted on a suspension to ensure that they can contact the ground.

Tip for the newbies: FRC fields are NEVER 100% flat. Rumpled carpet? Guaranteed. Plates under carpet? Probably, depending on what field elements are around. Not-quite-flat floor underneath? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Obstacles/terrain on the field? Unless it’s '14, yep.

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Did anybody ever build this? I’m looking at possible off-season projects for my rookies. I love that if this doesn’t work, you just abandon and run with the standard KOP chassis.

:thinking: This kitbot upgrade seems kinda sketch. At this point wouldn’t it be easier to make rocker drive/Whatever jvn calls it?

I didnt open the CAD file but it appears that this is a rocker style for the perpendicular omni. You can see the second omni dropped down touching, and the one that is shown easily is popped up.