pic: FRC Team 1501 presents Otis

Since this pictures was taken FRC Team 1501 won the Indianapolis District event with FRC Team 829 (Digital Goats and FRC Team 447 (Team Roboto).

O sheet metal, sheet metal! Wherefore art thou sheet metal?

I was admiring this robot all day, it was amazing! Good job guys! And also, am I the only one who notices that almost no robots in Indy have fancy sheet metal stuff, just channel?

Once again, I couldn’t even count the rivets!

Great job once again, and I like the yellow upgrades on the claws. Very visually dynamic. I am Looking Forward to seeing this robot and strategy progress through the next three events (and then on to CMP?)!

You know, in Shakespearean English, that quote translates to “Why are you sheet metal?”. :wink:

Even though they lacked the typical “riveted sheet metal”, it looks like they managed to make an effective robot. :smiley: Congrats on the win, guys!