pic: FRC Team 1501 presents our 2017 robot - Clink Clonk

This picture was taken before the first match of our first district event at Tippecanoe

All around that looks like a great bot! The bumpers are super crisp as well. Nicely done!

Those pneumatics on the front look like they mean business…

I saw your climber during one of your elimination matches and it looked wild (in a good and awesome way), how on earth do you guys grab the rope?

Gonna need a tutorial on super crisp bumpers. We’ve used sailcloth the past couple years, and it doesn’t behave nearly as well as the cordura. It’s very easy to get wrinkles and waves.

The rope is similar to climbing rope and is rated at 600 pounds tensile strength. We have knots in the rope about one every 4 inches.
Our climbing mechanism (aka The Reaper) are two 1/4" thick x 4" wide aluminum pieces with a “V” cut into them tapering down to a 1/4" radius cutout. When we roll up on the rope, our driver seats one of the knots into the cutout. He then engages our 2 trannies, 4 Cims PTO which causes The Reaper to turn lifting the robot off the ground. If we weren’t afraid of breaking the field, I feel we could easily join the 1 second climb club :smiley:

I just found out yesterday that we average 1.16 seconds a climb. That would probably mean we do some sub 1 second climbs :yikes:

I concur. Every year we try to make our bumpers look clean and every year they look “interesting.”