pic: FRC Team 1501's, 2018 robot: Blackhawk

FRC Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. proudly presents this years robot.
It’s name is Blackhawk.
Details to follow.
Seeya soon Indiana.

1501 looked awesome last Sunday and they’ll only be better by week 2. Watch out St. Joseph’s District, 1501 is going to bring the heat.

FRC Team 10501

Didn’t know we were on 5 digits already… :smiley:

Robot looks great. The 850ms lift was ridiculously cool to watch!

Clean looking robot guys!

What kind of gearing and motors are you guys using on your lift? Seems like the fastest cascading elevator I’ve seen yet.

Hi-speed is 7:1 overall. We had 3 mini-cim motors, now we have 2 mini-cim motors and a constant force spring. We are still the same speed going to 95" with a cube in tow. We went with mini-cim motors because we’ve had experience with elevators in 2011, 2015 and PID controls and know that they heat up pretty good due to stall conditions when holding a position. So rather than putting 775 pros on there with a brake system, we just kept it simple with a mini-cim that we can stall no problems. The motors get about 112 degrees F with 2.5 hours of practice on them, so not bad.

What’s the diameter of the output pulley of that 7:1 gearbox?

We are doing a single CIM at the moment, 6:1 with 1.5" diameter spool. Planning to switch to two CIMs. The CIMs seem to draw less current to hold position than miniCIMs, based on some math done a few weeks ago.

We are using 2" diameter pulleys with 8mm HTD belts.