pic: FRC Team 1747 - Harrison Boiler Robotics - 2011 Robot

FRC Team 1747’s 2011 Robot.

Looks good, but is that where the arm goes, or does it go on the side of the bot? There seems to be a large space where the arm could fit into in the top of the picture.

That is exactly where the arm goes. In the starting position the towers at the back (left side of the photo) are vertical. At match start the arm rotates up and the towers tilt forward allowing the robot to place on all three rows as well as reach the ground.

looking good guys!

Great looking water-jet cutting and green anodizing! But Logan, where is the carbon fiber I’ve been hearing so much about?

Carl, we’ve held off on having the carbon cut, because we need to verify all of our geometry first. We should have it added in on Saturday (or at least I’m hoping). Its pretty simple to change out that particular arm piece. Worst case we can change it out Thursday at BMR, but I really don’t think it’ll be necessary.

Looks like a minibot deployment location.


We have a minibot deployment box made out of lexan that will be actuated using pnuematics.

Always so modest Logan. I’ve been hearing thats actually a pneumatic catapult for the F-22 you fly. I hope it wasn’t supposed to be a surprise.

Great, we have almost the same design!

Good Job Team 1747!

I din’t even realize the Army had F-22s…
everyone else

Sorry, Purdue FIRST Programs joke.

Last I heard, it was for an orange F-22…just sayin :yikes:

lookin good guys. cant wait to see it at BMR!

long time no see! So this what you guys did after I moved… Nice job!

looks nice… I see the anodising/carbon from '10, the clear polycord from 09, and the intricate waterjetting from '08. nice remix…

it might be nice to see some video footie of it being driven/used…

See you at BMR!

wHY ARE SO MANY TEAMS ANODIZING THEIR ROBOTS?? Last year, I don’t recall seeing a painted bot.

in 1747’s region, the reason is Colors INC. has for the last couple years anodizing bot frames for free out of their Indy shop.

the better question is “why not?”

We spray-painted ours. One works with what one has!

1747 chose to anodize this year because we felt we had the time and that it would significantly effect the appearance of the robot. I’ll agree with Larry on this one. Why not anodize?