pic: FRC Team 1939 Presents Sidewinder

Introducing our 2017 drivetrain, nicknamed “Sidewinder.”
[]4 cim + 2 mini-cim main drivetrain
] 4 6" traction wheels + 2 6" omni wheels
[] 12 ft/s forward and backward
] 9 ft/s strafing
[] 2 4" omni wheels
] Ability to switch between full traction and strafing at will

How are you actuating the wheels to switch between traction and strafing modes? It looks like all of the wheels are un-articulated.

Are you willing to share what the large green rectangle in the middle of the robot is? It looks like it could be an actuated friction brake to me.

Awesome drive train! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the robot!

The Sidewinder module and the parking brake (“None Shall Pass!”) Are both actuated by pancake pistons (1.5 inch diameter, 2 inch throw). The front omnis drive in opposite directions to counteract the natural spin created by the off center module using the gyro. That is why we called it sidewinder. Also frees up space in the middle of the robot.

Now, I’ve watched 5 videos on Sidewinder Snakes…

look’s like I’m not getting this analysis handed in tomorrow :wink:

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