pic: FRC Team 2175 - 2011 Robot

Our 2011 Logomotion Robot. Nearly finished, read a blog post about it and see a video here.

Wow, great job, the lift looks extremely similar to ours but we are using spectra cord instead of timing belts.

Is your drive train 4 omnis and a 5th wheel that comes down to strafe or just omni wheels up front? I couldn’t see the back wheels in the video.

We have 4 omnis plus a 5th sideways in a configuration called “Slide Drive.” That particular video doesn’t really show off our drive train very much, but it is a fully functional holonomic system. There’s a video of just the drive train (should be “Slide Drive Test” in the list of other videos on the right) before the elevator was mounted that shows more of the strafing and other cool stuff it can do (which we are still just beginning to figure out).

Looks like your best bot yet guys. Nice work and keep practicing! Are you adding more bracing for the elevator in the back or is it rigid enough?

That’s what happens when they get me out of the equation :wink:

Looking good guys! Make sure to get me some video from the scrimmage on Saturday.

Which scrimmage are you guys going to? We are attending the event held at Victoria Elementary School. Ours is about 98% we need to test the drive code and work on our autonomous.

We’d like to think so. But I suppose continuous improvement doesn’t come quite that easily. It’s certainly been CADed more completely and more ahead of time, but we could use some more design, prototyping, testing, etc. earlier in the season, so that we aren’t waiting on cylinders and building minibots and just beginning the code 4 days before ship… :rolleyes: Not to mention driver practice.

We’ll be attending the one at Simley in Inver Grove Heights. I assume you’ll be at whatever the one is in the Northwest Metro, so we probably won’t see each other. Oh well.

In the video, it sounded like a mentor yelled, “Use the camera”. Looking at the video a bit closer, it looked like the drivers were standing around that awkward corner.

It’d be much more advantageous for you guys to line up the drivers so that they are scoring towards themselves, which is how it’ll be during the real matches. They’ll have a much better view, and they’ll get excellent practice scoring inverted.

Great robot btw,

Sorry, but those are some ugly welds! lol :yikes:

Yeah, we had a parent learning how to weld over the course of the frame being assembled. We didn’t really have time for a whole lot of practice, so he just dove right in. The first few were decent, but they kept getting better as he got more practice. And he’s had so much fun with it that he’s said he wouldn’t mind quitting his day job…

The bumpers go on a biiiit crooked, but it’s nothing the Fighting Calculators haven’t dealt with before…

What kind of welder tig or mig

Also for welding practis just buy some 1/4 in alumminim plate and just run lots of flat beads best way to practes

You guys want to checkout a good minibot>??
Our minibot climbs in 2.6 seconds with deployment!!!

hope you enjoy

-Stuart Kaneshiro
(team 1056)

Here’s an unveiling video with footage of the robot at the pre-ship scrimmage:

4 CIMs on the forward facing Omnis
2 775s on the strafe wheel
FP powered lift that can go floor to top peg in ~2.5 seconds
Pneumatic pinching gripper
-Gripper rotates tubes 90 degrees for transport and storing

I don’t actually know anything about the minibot deployer or minibot other than that they do exist and are currently being iterated/improved.

Now that the season’s over, I’ve posted a 3D pdf of the CAD model at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2556. A STEP and a native Solidworks assembly are coming soon, pending cooperation of CD-Media’s upload function.