pic: FRC Team 2262 Protype shooter/robot

FRC Team 2262 Holliston High School prototype.

I feel this is caption contest worthy.

Poor grandma.


Greatest prototype ever.

So what’s your handicap? (shooting… get it?..)

Woodie Flowers is always saying things about what your grandmother would do…

We haven’t seen a robot walk in a long time. Maybe this could help!

I would like to say that after wiping my milkshake off my laptop screen, I’ve still not come up with a good caption.:ahh:

This is how our Senior Students get around.

They see me strolling, they hating.

When I retire, I’m playing golf, tennis, and FRC.

Not getting too many captions.

To quote Will.i.am:

“That’s dope.” :wink:

My Grandpa’s got game.

Grandma got ran over by a robot…

I sense a lack of bumpers…