pic: FRC Team 230 Robot (2018)

Photo credit to Susan Lipscomb

I absolutely love the little Pac-Man ghost! The eyes looking up and everything. It’s amazing :slight_smile: . Also really fun playing with you last weekend!

Don’t be misled by the Meccanum and 80/20 lift - this robot is solid and fast.
They have a fast 2 cube auto that can go either scale - they dominated Waterbury in Week 2 - with a mid season capability - not Cheesy Poofs mind you, but better than most others I have seen, they could go deep at Champs with what they showed. Good driving also.
And the “Clyde” graphics is very slick to boot.

Unfortunately (hah, we always enjoy them), we have to play against them at Fairfield (SE CT) and Hartford coming up.

Great machine and program.

This is a great example of how a well driven, reliable robot can easily dominate a competition. They may not be the fastest lift or harvester, but their incredible driving made them a beast at Waterbury. You guys will go far this year.

Great job 230! In FRC, the non-complicated but efficient robots normally come out on top. Congrats on the win, and 1775 wishes you guys luck as always. I’m sad we won’t get to see you guys at all anymore, 2016 Carver was a blast!

Here is a video from match 42 at Waterbury.

While the video does not clearly show the color change, it is quite creative in real time.
Team 230 Match 42

It’s hard to tell from the video, but their “Pacman” Changes from Clyde (Orange) to Red (Blinky), or Blue (Inky) depending on the alliance.
When they climb, they change back to Clyde and the “eyes” look upward.