pic: FRC Team 237 2015 Recycle Rush Robot

Team 237 from Watertown, CT would like to present our 2015 Recycle Rush robot!
We grab all 4 Recycle Containers during autonomous.
Stack totes from the human player station.
Ability to grab totes from the field.

S.A.L.S.A. System - Details coming soon!
An area dedicated to the memory of “Plowie”
Do you even lift??
We pick things up and put them down.

We’ll be at the Waterbury, CT District Event and the Bryant University District Event in RI, and hopefully more places this year!

See you at the competitions!

Do you have any pictures or description of how your 4 Recycling Bin autonomous mode works?

I’ll give everyone a hint to how it works.

We figured out a way to use “DE-FENCE” this year.

Any guesses?

We tested a similar passive method of grabbing the handles of the RC. It works well, almost to the point that we had trouble releasing off the RC.

I’m interested in why your bottom roller intake is so long ?

The picture is a little deceiving, the roller intake is just long enough to grip the totes in the long configuration, while avoiding hitting the lifting mechanism.

I see the white fence like object on the upper right of the picture, so I assume you’re talking about that(?). I’m having trouble discerning the actuation used to get that device over to where the recycle bins are. By mention of 4 in your post - I also assume you implied you retrieve all four of the STEP containers?

Correct, the “4” refers to those on the step. The team will be competing at the Waterbury District Event in the New England District. Hopefully the first match we play in, you’ll be able to see how the actuation occurs. (There are no pneumatics on the bot, everything is motor driven.)

Yes… Yes we do.