pic: FRC Team 708 - SCH District Chairman's Award (2015)

FRC 708 After Earning the SCH District Chairman’s Award

Big congratulations to 708! They are a great team with great people doing great things.

Second! Wonderful team, long overdue!

Congrats 708!

Thrilled this finally happened. 708 is a truly wonderful team that has helped 1712 immensely in recent years. Everything from loaning and machining parts, to allowing us to practice at their facility, to even feeding hungry team members at competition. These guys and gals truly get it.

1626 would also like to add out congratulations to 708. It was a pleasure running with you. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to team up with Hatters Robotics and the Wolfpack in elims. Thank you for taking a chance on us. Friday the 13th was a true nightmare for our team, but you saw our potential. You were a terrific example for our team and your Chairman’s Award was well-deserved and overdue.

This made me incredibly happy! Team 708 and Hatboro-Horsham HS have been true leaders of FIRST and MAR over the last few years. You all work extremely hard, but you do it with pride and a great, positive attitude. Keep it going 708!


Thanks all for the kind words! If you missed seeing our Chairman’s video, it is online on our team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nydIc6OBP0)!

Congratulations 708!! Well deserved.

Enjoy it!

And then you went and won it at MAR…

Great job!