pic: FRC USA Team and Event Connections Map 2016

This is a map of connections between US teams and US events they are going to. The Hawaii Regional is not on the map and so are any other teams that are not in the lower 48.

Really cool map. Its interesting to see a few events where there aren’t too many (if any) super local teams:

  • Greater Pittsburgh Regional (none)
  • Central Washington District (none)
  • Northern Maryland District (one local team)
  • Arizona North (one local team)
  • Columbus Peachtree District (one local team)
  • Rock City Regional (one local team)

Also, why does MAR not have a presence in Ocean, Monmouth or Cape May Counties?

This looks like a map for WarGames.
Only slightly less irradiated ;).

Someone needs to start a Team in Montana :stuck_out_tongue:

So they can grow dental floss?

I don’t get it :confused: :).

Only us older folks will…

(Google ‘dental floss Montana’, see whatcha get)

Are the district championship events missing?

The team already has a name and theme song!
Talk about service :smiley:

Get a little cute: call it ‘Mental Floss’


Holy Minnesota Duluth Batman!

That is a bright shining spot!

Also intriguing to see how empty the west/Mid-West is in contrast.

I thought it’s extremely interesting to see how far some teams travel just within the United States to compete at FRC events. I’d be interested to see a map like this, but of the world as opposed to just the United States