pic: FRC USA Team and Event Connections Map 2018

This is a map of connections between US teams and the US events they are going to in 2018. The Hawaii Regional is not on the map and so are any other teams that are not in the lower 48.

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This is awesome! This is the kind of thing I love to see, maybe someone could make an interactive map to zoom in and out and have team numbers along the lines.

Not quite complete you are missing a few teams in north east Michigan

This is awesome, do you have any plans on this for all the teams later? Since you are already far over 50%.

And mabye after, for the championsships in Detroit and Houston? Would be cool to see.

This is fascinating. It really shows why FIM is such a force in FRC. No other region of the US comes close to the density of teams in Michigan. I expect their state and region to reap the societal benefits for many years to come.