pic: FRC1086 Teaser

A quick image of our build site with a wheel we are using for our shooter this year. We had a make our own hubs this year since WCP’s live hubs were out of stock.

How many other wheels did you try? We had very poor results when using hard rubber (NPC) wheels. We saw some improvement when adding shelf liner to the surface of those wheels, but ultimately opted to go a different route.

I may be wrong, but it’s not much of a teaser if you tell us what it is. Just saying. :smiley:

Looks good. We didn’t have great results with Colsons even at low speeds. Maybe they work better 1:1 off a BAG motor. You might want to have some BaneBots wheels in your back pocket just in case.

Nice cad model of this years bot?

maybe :slight_smile: 4 posts before someone got it :slight_smile: