pic: FRC118 Vinyl Record?

We found this in our shop with the other team-given goodies. Does anyone know what year the Robonauts gave this to us(and, I assume a few other teams)?

Should be 2009

I think they gave one to everyone at championships, we still have ours hanging up in our shop. It went along with the theme of there robot that year:

Seeing as we have one, it had to be 2009.

We also have one and to confirm it is from 09

It was great playing with them and 488 in Atlanta that year. They were a super cell beast.:smiley: (former team)

Just wondering…Are there grooves on both sides?

There are indeed grooves on both sides.

Each team was given one at the Championship that year. When I saw 418’s proudly displayed in our pit, it knocked my socks off. Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe it.

118 also made awards that they gave to deserving teams at the Championship. Here is a thread with a photo and little bit of discussion about them.

Thanks for the fresh reminder of how cool those giveaways/awards are.


A month later, yet no one asks the obvious question: Have you actually tried playing it? :confused:

There are six songs (tracks) on this side of the record, but the label indicates 12, Lunacy competition related, and I’m guessing they wouldn’t fit in 20 minutes, so it’s probably not for that album. And look at all the fingerprints! Get your paws off my LPs! :yikes:

Since the LP is covered in spray paint, I can’t imagine it would sound any good at all. I would also be pretty concerned with needle damage.

I have yet to play it. It is not covered entirely in spray paint. As a DJ, I’ve come across a few records made with gold colored vinyl. However, the team number appears to be sprayed on. I’ll try to play it some time this week.

There are 6 tracks per side. Should I post a track list?

This is, and other team goodies, is awesome. That brings up another question… What are your favorite team giveaways?

Just asking since pressing masters have the same look.

The vinyl looked relatively cheap, which made me think it’s a gold spray on rather than a gold pressing. I bet they’re just junked vinyl.

Hmm… My mistake. I looked closer and I found paint chipping off in the edge. I played it and music was barely audible behind the noise from the paint.

Despite that, I still think this is a really cool gift! Thanks 118!

I’m sure it’s junk vinyl too; I hope someone didn’t grab an old box of albums sitting in the back of their parent’s garage (“What do you mean you spray painted my old Beatles records!?!”) Looking at a blowup of the photo I could see the individual grooves, even on the “399”, so it didn’t look like it got painted, but was naturally gold coloured. Are pressing masters made of metal? Any indications of what the music is, Jeremy?

Pressing masters are made of metal and are usually plated with a protective coating. Often that is nickel or something more exotic. Just struck me as a pressing master when I first saw it. I haven’t seen one in quite a while.

The records were a donation from Half Price Books here in League City. The records were then painted gold by some of our students. That year the team members painted and decorated over 500 records. :yikes:

Wow! Who is this masked man???

I know that the Texas Torque World Headquarters has a gold painted toy robot ‘award’ from the Robonauts. I don’t know when we got that.

These kinds of things are really great, helps build relationships between teams, thanks 118! Also, thanks for being a great partner at Lone Star! And at IRI! And at Texas Robot Roundup! Go Torqueonauts!