pic: FRC1293's First OFFICIAL teaser

Our CAD’ing is officially over and we begin machining and assembly of our beast on Friday.

What are its dimensions? Weight? How do we score? I’m not allowed to tell, but maybe you smart bunch of fellows can figure it out. We’ll have more teasers to come. For now, heres some hints to go along with the render…

Hint 1) We can hold an estimated 20 balls, how?
Hint 2) How can you use seven 2" OD 26" long UHMW dowels in a bot?
Hint 3) 2 RS545 motors, 3 CIMS, 2 Servos, and 1 Nippon Denso window motor power this bot and its manipulator. What are the uses of them?

(PS, this bot has nothing to do with my previous postings, seperate assemblies, seperate robot)

A roller system to take the balls to the manipulator??? The CAD looks good.

I’m guessing lots of rollers all over the place and a monstrously powered shooter along with an intake system. Servos for camera and maybe a window motor for steering. Anything close there?

And I definitely know what those RS545’s are being used for, because we’re doing the exact same thing (at least it looks that way…) :o I certainly hope they hold out for us, I don’t like those stories of disintegrating gearboxes.

can’'t wait to c a test video:yikes:

That cadding is awesome

545’s for drive, rest of the motors for manipulator. :stuck_out_tongue: