pic: FRC1341's 2007 Robot Fully Deployed

See you at UCF and Championships!

looking good!

psst…are you guys planning to cover your electronics? Funky things can happen when another manipulator tries to dig in :stuck_out_tongue:

So I see the 2006 bot in the back. Adam, fix your shoootteerrr!

Now for the 2007 robot.

  1. do you have a FP motor directly attached to the shoulder for the bot?
  2. How much does the whole thing weigh?
  3. What are the ramps made out of?
  4. Does your cam work? Planning on protecting it at all?
  5. Do I have to come after you this year too saying, “Fix your ramps?” =)

Ramp? i thought they are using the CAT forklift; pictured in back :stuck_out_tongue:


We plan on doing that at the regional

  1. Its actually a banebots motor attached to a 1:64 banebots gearbox attached to the second stage of the FP gearbox directly attached to the shoulder.
  2. 110 (a little bit under)
  3. Aluminum mesh
  4. It works somewhat. We may nix it and then replace it at various times during the regional depending on the time our programmer has
  5. Probably :rolleyes:

I wish. :slight_smile:

Definitely cover your camera if you plan on using it. We had a plastic box for it both last year and this year, which kept it (mostly) out of harm’s way.

Another suggestion for the cam: they are HIGHLY sensitive to any type of static. We used some anti-static spray on the inside of our protective case (though not on the actual camera), as well as the wheels of our robot. I highly recommend doing this if you find static is a problem.