pic: frc1501's beautiful robot

Yeah it “WAS” beautiful robot because it has dents all over but yeah thanks for the all the compliments at BMR see all yeah at IRI!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How well does it perform in competition?

Not too bad. We had a pretty good automode, when the defensive robots would let us shoot… :wink:

Here are the rankings.

We had a pretty good average overall.

We finished 2nd at Boilermaker with 292 and 1741.

It was too bad to see you guys have to add those bumpers. The sides were getting dinged up. It still looks really good though…congratulations!

Man this robot was awesome! Both in function and looks!

I can only see you guys getting better before IRI, which is hard to believe with such an already sweet robot!

Great job guys!

We were planning on adding bumpers anyway. We just ran out of time during the build season to get them on there, like most teams I assume. You definitely need bumpers to play this game for sure.

Soap 108 had some video archives. I thought this was our best automode:

Match 52.
thank you SOAP!

8th is pretty good. It’s higher than us.

The 8th alliance was one of the finalist at the BAE GSR.

All you need is an autonomous that scores all 10 to win. Then you can just play defense.

such a great robot…definitely deserved to be in the finals…if not win…congrats

Yeah, we sadly had to add bumpers to our robot too. It’s a pity because we spent so much time cutting out this sweet pattern in the framerails, only to cover them up because we were getting constantly rammed into. The guys who built the bumpers did a pretty good job though, so the robot still looks sweet.

Take a look at the S.O.A.P. videos. In match 52 we scored all 10 balls into the goal but had one bounce out. I just about every match we were able to score.
The only downer was in match 15. We had to play this match 5 times because something would screw up. This allowed our opponents to zero in on where we would be during our autonomous mode and block us. I think we would have won the match if it had played out the first time. We scored, I think, 8 balls during auton.
Not to brag (OK I am), but in our S.F. matches we shut down the alliance with the unbeatable team. Sorry Team 135. Well fought matches though.

We also won the Delphi ‘Driving Tomorrows Technology’ award. This is kind of funny because the Monocoque Technique is 1930’s technology :rolleyes: This proves the old adage “What was once old is now new again”

BTW, there were 1872 rivets in this years robot :ahh:

By hand?

The kids use a pnuematic rivet gun. I think they like that over the hand rivet gun. I never put in a single rivet myself (I am electrical), but if I was doing it, the pnuematic rivet gun is hands down the way to go!

Here is a picture of it here:

So, is that adage now new then? :slight_smile: