pic: FRC1675 - 2018 Power Up

FRC 1675, The Ultimate Protection Squad, is proud to present our 14th robot: Toothless. Yes, there are a couple of things missing from this photo (like the ramp extension flaps on the front), but the important stuff is there.

Quick Facts:
6 miniCIM drive
6" Traction + Omni (though may still switch to full traction)
Ballshifters (6ft/s - 16ft/s)
Dual 10:1 775 roller claw with AM compliant wheels
Arm driving by miniCIM 315:1 total reduction
Dual front facing ramps at 17 degrees with powered lift

Designed for quick switch play and end game but dragons do spit fire…

Competing at Miami Valley (week 1) and Milwaukee (week 4)

Am glad to see that my Day 1 idea was at least corroborated by someone else too. I take it you’ve had success with the lifts?

Disappointed we will not see you at the St. Louis regional this year.

I’m really excited to see how well this robot does!

Looks really sharp!

Looking good! Maybe you can give us a lift next weekend :slight_smile:

After carrying the ramps yesterday I can confirm I was scared for my fingers. Fortunately the saw-like properties of the perforated aluminum edges have been resolved.

What an awesome ramp design! May I inquire how the ramps work? Are they pneumatically lifted to get to the 11-12"?

Do you all expect to have issues with wcd bot’s bumpers snowplowing into the ramp? Through some CAD analysis, we found any ramp angle larger than 16.5 degrees would interfere with any 2" clearance wcd bot’s bumpers.

The ramp is designed to match the slope of the ramp up to the platform so theoretically any robot that can climb that ramp can climb ours.

The ramps lift to ~11 in. using pneumatics. Given the bumper zone requirements we should get a majority of legal robots counted as climbing.

Rare footage of UPS lining up for the endgame

Here is a short reveal video showing the ramps in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umkVx1V47mw

This is probably my favorite ramp so far. Great Job!