pic: FRC1675 The Ultimate Protection Squad: Punisher

Team 1675, The Ultimate Protection Squad, is proud to present our 2016 robot for FIRST Stronghold: Punisher. Punisher will be competing at the St. Louis and Wisconsin Regionals, and hopefully will be making an appearance at the Championships.

Quick Stats:

  • 24"W x 30"L x 14"T
  • 6 wheel independent CIM drive with 9:1 ratio on 6" AM Rubber Treaded Wheels (option to boost to 12:1 if needed)
  • Low Bar capable
  • Crosses A, B, and D defenses (though right now we struggle with the moat) and can drive through C defenses
  • Roller Claw for ball collection and scoring in low goal, weight shift for crossing, and activation of Cheval de Frise (we call them the “French Ramps” (200:1 775Pro on shoulder, 10:1 BAG on rollers)
  • Lifter arms for wedging under the Portcullis (100:1 BAG)
  • Can park on the batter for Challenge points
  • Intended to be a breach and ball shuttle/ low goal score robot

We stuck to the “do one thing and do it well” mantra this year. At only 88 pounds, we can add some things if really needed. I am proud to say that all custom parts were made in-house with a combination of CNC mill and plasma cutter. Reveal Video: https://youtu.be/O2Egcvxw3gI

See you at the competition!

*The roller claw as depicted is slightly unfinished…a few pieces to be added/anodized (all part of withholding allowance) and a few more Banebots wheels to be added.

Sorry, but this is just too much robot. :slight_smile:

Any reason the wheels are independently controlled/powered? And nice anodizing job, as always.

From this shot, it look a little like a scorpion poised to strike. See you guys in MKE!

I was thinking the same thing! Looks like a vinegaroon tbh :ahh:

What is the weight on that thing? Looks heavy.

Kevin says 88 lbs.

My oh my, that is a glorious looking machine.

It looks heavy, but the main body is the 4 vertical plates - the 4 plates are just connected by standoffs and tube in the front and back. The design is actually pretty convenient for carrying and transport.

Those who dare question this robot shall be punished!

Can’t wait to get a better look in Milwaukee! Great job Kevin and crew!

I like the gold and black anodize look !

What components are you using to achieve the 200:1 reduction on the main shoulder arm ?

Punisher looks fantastic! Your game strategy and robot will complement ours well. Cannot wait to play with you guys at St. Louis Regional.

100:1 versaplanetary with an additional 2:1 external reduction

Looking very good guys!

Great job, guys! However, it does seem to closely resemble Team Oryon’s robot (Sirius) from Ri3D…

The thought was to provide power where it is needed, and allow each wheel to do what it needs to as we go over the defenses. If the wheel in contact with a lip or edge gets bogged down, the wheel at the carpet still has full power, rather than all wheels getting bogged down together with a central gearbox. We’d rather stall 2 CIMS than all 6, but if they were linked, they likely wouldn’t stall anyway. As a secondary reason, it made packaging everything into this tiny bot much easier to put the motors where they need to be. If we really find that we need the power to be linked, we can do that, but so far it has had no issues with the defenses, other than our (currently) wooden moat, but it certainly isn’t a power issue.

Great job, guys! However, it does seem to closely resemble Team Oryon’s robot (Sirius) from Ri3D…

I assure you this is completely by coincidence. The basic design was done before Sirius was unveiled and when we saw it, we said the same thing. What can we say…great minds think alike!