pic: FRC1771 Robot for 2009

This is our robot as we are shipping it. All we have to add are our decorations and possibly 2 ducted fans.

We can hold around 15 balls. The shooter can rotate as well as adjust the distance of the shot without decreasing velocity. We can empty our helix in 3 seconds or slightly less. We will hopefully have a full tracking code working by our regional.

I will try to take some video of our practice bot soon. Good luck to everyone and let me know what you think.

It looks… familiar. heheh :slight_smile:

Too bad we won’t be at any competitions together, playing in a match with our long lost twin would be awesome!

wow slick looking robot…good luck!!

I still can’t believe how similar our bots are without any collaboration. We refer to you guys as our clone when talking about your videos. I hope we had the right idea with this design. I think it will be quite effective. One cool thing about our shooter is that we can shoot down at an almost 45 degree angle to be a super accurate power dumper.

Very nice! and it looks strangely familar…but in different colors…

What material are the rails of the helix made out of?

And I love the color scheme.

the helix is made from pex water tube. It is HDPE and commonly available at lowes or home depot. Luckily for us they sell it in red and blue for hot and cold water. It is awesome to work with and we designed the brackets so that the tube snaps into them to make assembly super easy and require no fasteners.

For anyone who is curious our bot with the decorations weighs 116lbs and I have a plan to take it down another 3lbs so that we can add the ducted fans and hopefully another super secret device that will help us score.

Looks insanely slick Sean. I love it. I’ll definitely be watching you guys compete throughout the season.

Dang…that is one nice looking bot. Missed seeing you at Kimberley-Clark’s scrimmage this past weekend though.

How does your roller work? It looks efficient. We ran into a few problems with ours, but it works (mostly). Also, love the color scheme :slight_smile:

Want to make it long lost triplets/quadruplets/etc.? Check out 832’s if you get the chance. Or just wait 'til Peachtree!

It looks like balls that go into the right (in the picture) side of the robot will push back the tubing, which will spring them over to the left side so they can go up the helix.

If so, that’s a really clever design, I wish we’d thought of it when we decided to reverse our helix instead

How easy was it to bend the water tube? The bot looks super sharp. I wish we had the time/resources to make our robots look like that… Good luck this year.

everyone else’s robot looks way cooler than ours :stuck_out_tongue:

i was trying to convince Dave(our mentor) to let me paint ours, but we decided to use the angle grinder and make everything all “swirly-like”

The water tubing we used came on a roll that was the right diameter for a robot, so it was not difficult at all.

I don’t know about that nifty red stuff though


Thanks everyone. This is without a doubt the most ambitious design we have undertaken and hopefully it will be successful.

The front roller assembly consists of a top roller which is directly driven by a rs-545 through a banebots 16:1 p60. This roller is connected to the bottom roller with polycord. We went with the 2 roller design so that the top roller would force the balls into the helix eliminating any jams. Also the red tube in front eliminates any chance of jamming and funnels the balls to the right side. Plus it looks really cool :cool:

The Pex tube is very easy to work with. We used the 1/2" diameter tube and it comes in rolls so all we had to do was roll it tighter depending on which loop we were making. It also worked perfectly with our brackets so that we could press the tubing into it instead of having to bolt it or screw it in.

I have seen a couple bots eerily similar to ours so I hope all of us decided on a solid design. It would be great to play with all of you guys at peachtree. I did see roswell’s bot and it looks awesome.

TTL…Our occupation is to hopefully win a spot to the DOME!!!

Very pretty. I love robots that are nice to look at. It puts ours to shame.

Great job once again! I look forward to seeing your team in a few weeks.

After seeing this thing in action…:eek: Best shooter I’ve seen.

Another great robot guys. I wish we could have gotten together in the finals, but it wasn’t to be. I had fun watching our combined offensive power in the qualifyer. I wish you were coming to Palmetto:(

Drake thank you so much. I was really hoping we would seed #1 after winning out on saturday and would pick you guys. You had a great robot and drive team. I wish we had a second try. If something opens up at palmetto let us know and we might figure something out. There’s always next year…

yeah, to echo what josh said, we really wanted to be with you guys. it was a shame that it wasn’t to be b/c that red and orange on the field together would have been sexy :cool: