pic: FRC180 S.P.A.M.'s 2016 robot, Brave Sir Lobbin'

Check us out at the Orlando Regional in week 2 and the South Florida Regional in week 5.


Looks cool, I can’t wait to see it compete at Orlando. I am curious about a few things though:

  1. Why does it look like a spoon?
  2. What keeps the boulder from falling out of the spoon?
  3. Is the spoon-a-pult motor driven, if so what is powering it?
  4. Is the center of the 8 in 180 half inch stroke?

If I’m the inspector it is.

It’s the shape we ended up liking most. It gives the throw a little back spin. Think of a jai alai cesta, but less severe.

There are pneumatically actuated fins that didn’t make it on the bag. They’re part of our 30 lbs.

The spoon-a-pult(ugh…) is powered by 3 775s. Through a PTO, those same motors drive our scaling winch.

Yup. That was carefully monitored.

Don’t get me wrong, the robot is awesome.

But the name is awesomer. I wish you guys the best of luck and hope you don’t spend too much time running away! :yikes:


Someone who remembers that Brave Sir Robin was always running away.

The students didn’t remember that reference.

Bravely bold Sir Lobbin,
Drove forth from Stuart, Fla. (read as flaah)

He was not afraid to break
Oh, brave Sir Lobbin.

He was not at all afraid
To be broke in nasty ways

Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Lobbin.

He was not in the least bit scared
To be bashed into a defense.

Or to have his sensors fried,
And his wheel hubs broken.

To have his wheel treads split,
and his rio burned away,
and his frame all hacked and mangled,
Brave Sir Lobbin

His pickup mashed,
and his router cut out,
and his gyro removed,
and his battery unplugged,
and his rollers smashed,
and his motors burnt off
and his…

I think that’s enough music for now.

And there was much rejoicing. <Yaaaaaaay>.


…at one time or another I believe all those things have happened to a SPAMbot!