pic: FRC1817 at College Game Day

The FRC1817 mentors and Boomer in front of the ESPN College Game Day RV for Texas Tech vs Texas game.

Raider Power!

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What? Texas got beat? Colt Mcoy isnt the best quarter back in the NCAA? I thought so too. But being in fron the ESPN bus is pretty cool. Shoulda checked to see if the commerical where Lee Corso is playing DDR is true.

Great Pictures !

Both my sisters go to Texas Tech and they said the game was amazing. Since I am a Texas (UT) alumni , this game will be etched into my family stories !

Yeah it was a great game. Campus got a little trashed as you can see, but it’s back to normal now.

I don’t suppose your sisters are looking for a team to mentor? =D

I saw a Kathleen Lynch on mentorsearch.us looking for FLL, your sister?