pic: FRC1899 Control Board - at Seattle Olympic Regional

Another view of our control board. Tiny magnets were embedded into the wood to allow our Operator to get to the preset heights more efficiently. The pegs/dowels were inserted as ‘stops’ to keep the arm from crushing the minibot (near the back of the robot), and also to keep it from ‘hyperextending’ when fully stretched.

Apologies for the glare in the photo.

You guys had a very smooth arm, I loved watching it. I’m equally impressed with your control system, including some “low-tech” solutions to some difficult problems. Besides, that interface just begs people to try it out, should be awesome for community demos.

Btw, congrats on the Chairmans and regional win, it’s pretty cool to see a team that well-rounded.


We almost didn’t make it to the big dance… we were the second-to-last pick (by alliance #2). Then we practically had issue after issue in elims. Fortunately both 3393 and 2990 were rock solid and consistent. Our driver did a great job with the “prevent defense”, keeping the opposing alliances delayed just enough during the endgame.

Appreciate you coming ‘home’ during your break to volunteer at the Regional! I think the field crew did a great job. Are you traveling with Bear Metal down to Portland? Wish them the best, from 1899!

Video is requested. This looks amazingly hardcore.

During practice at the school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLyvT7axIRY

(background music is from the hip-hop dancers in the same area as we were, behind the programmer!)

Seattle Olympic Regional, qualification match 30: http://www.youtube.com/user/saintsrobotics#p/u/3/bDeQ9tiG9nY
You can see our Operator manipulating the control panel. No, we’re not a prolific scoring machine… but the kids were thrilled with making a Logo! :slight_smile:

I am still in awe about how cool this is. Very well implemented and it fits your arm well. You have my vote for Control at St. Louis :smiley:

I love the use of magnets and dowels to help provide “detents” and hard stops. Fantastic solutions to these problems!

The magnets helped the operators to know where the arm was in relationship to the arm on the robot. The operator said that he never looked at the control board. The arm on the control board did help with orientation of the robot arm and the peg wall.

I didn’t get to see THIS part of the robot… I was too busy checking out the cool wooden truss of an arm.

Wood is good!


I’ve got to say, this is absolutely amazing! Huge congrats to you guys!