pic: FRC1918 Trackball-Globe

We turned our blue trackball into a globe. See you at the West Michigan Regional!

You should put all the regionals on it. Then you could use it at demonstrations and show people where they all are. Very cool.:smiley:

The detail in the picture is simply amazing, almost to the point I would think this was done in PhotoShop. I must say, I’m impressed.!!
Care to share the process you used?.. PLEASE!

I was about to ask whether or not this was hand made, but then I saw Sportogo didn’t offer an Earth skin.

Very cool! How long did it take to make?

Wow, that’s a lot of work. Well done!

Looks photoshopped to me… cool just the same though

Here is the general process:

  • Draw latitude and longitude lines on the shell using a string and ball point pen. Line them up so the zipper is near the south pole and use the seams on the ball to help.
  • Draw the continental borders with a pen, using a globe as a guide. If you make sure the borders intersect the latitude and longitude lines in the correct spots, you can’t go very wrong.
  • I painted the continents with acrylic paint and a small stiff brush. The colors I used were dark green, light green, white, yellow, and tan. I blended them, but didn’t completely mix them. They were applied with a stipple (poking) technique to get a random blend of shades. Mostly green in wet areas, mostly tan in deserts, etc.
  • Start to finish, the project took about 12 hours actual work.
  • It actually looks better in the photo than in real life, but I must admit that it came out better than I thought it would.

12 hours, holy cow that is some work. That is an amazing job. For what do you plan to use it?

Looks good but Greenland looks a bit misshapen and you might need to make it green sometime in the future.

Didn’t those guys that named Greenland and Iceland mess things up? Last time I checked Greenland was ice and Iceland was green.:rolleyes:

Someone do the Atlas pose with that thing!

We brought Wayne’s World to the GLR and displayed it in our 494 Martians pit on Saturday. We will have it in Atlanta in our pit as well. COme and check it out.

The paint is a bit brittle and some comes off each time it is defleted and re-inflated. The white paint on the polar caps seems to come off the easiest. This looks like the affects of global warming, if there really is such a thing…

The artist/engineer, Wayne, is the team leader for team 1918. He is also my big brother.

At GLR people thought it was professionally done.


You can go to this link to see Wayne’s World displayed in the 494 Martians pit.


I think there is a story behind why the names were switched I remember something about a viking by the name of Eric the Red and thats pretty much it. I suggest you google it, if you want to know the reasons for the mixed names.

As for the Trackball that is amazingly awsome, great job. You must a really good artist.

I think the parent post was referring to global warming as the reason why Greenland would need to be painted green… :slight_smile:

but yes they messed things up on purpose so that people wouldn’t come to Iceland which is really green and nice, so that they would have it all to themselves… (or at least that’s what I was told…)



This is going to be slightly off-topic, but it’s spring-break and I’ve been away from history class too long.

If you’re willing to believe Wiki about the history of Iceland:

“The first Scandinavian who deliberately sailed to Garðarshólmi was Flóki Vilgerðarson, also known as Hrafna-Flóki (Raven-Flóki). Flóki settled for one winter at Barðaströnd. It was a cold winter, and when he spotted some drift ice in the fjords he gave the island its current name, Ísland (Iceland).”

Slightly less exciting than the aforementioned explanation, but hey, you never know.

-Greg P.