pic: FRC2168 - Aluminum Falcons 2012

FRC2168 The Aluminum Falcons 2012 entry for Rebound Rumble.

Official Name: AlumaFet
Nickname: The Fat Swan
Size: 26" x 34" x ~50"
Weight: ~112.5lbs

-8WD, 5" Colsons, Dead Axles, #35 Chain
-AM Shifters geared for ~5fps/~12fps


  • 2 BB550s
  • Custom Spur Gearbox (Cim-Sim/Toughbox internals)
  • 2" Rollers w/ Black Roughtop Grooves
  • 1/4" Clear Round Urethane Belt
  • Back Opens Pnuematically To Become a Hopper


  • 2 FP 0673s
  • Custom Spur Gearbox
  • 2 6" Colsons
  • Two Position Pnuematic Adjustable Hood

Bridge Manipulator:

  • Single large bore Pnuematic
  • 4" Colson Wheel

More information on the build can be found from Weeks 1-6 here: http://jwfoss.posterous.com

Also more information and pictures on the team site: http://www.team2168.org

Inspiration from various teams; 148, 173, 2199, 100 etc…

Special Thanks to our new sponsors as well as the EWCP and WestCoast Products

Foss, the Fat Swan looked awesome from what I could see on the webcast. Hope to see it in person one of these days. Hats off to you and 2168 for fielding such a strong machine.

Absolutely beautiful machine.

The lightening underneath the radio looks suspiciously like a Pokéball.

That’s because it is.:smiley:

There are two pokeballs, two basketballs, and our team number waterjetted in a couple locations on the robot. Why? Because designing late at night ends with funny lightening patterns.

Thanks for the compliments so far, we are very proud of what we produced this year.

I swear I saw a black and red one of these things around here some where ;).

Nice job Falcons. Looking forward to playing together in NYC.


I coulda sworn I saw a red and black version on the Suffield Shakedown webcast too. Looks good guys!


When can we get some pics!?


To clarify, 125 and 2168 did not build twins or collaborate in any way. The fact that our robots looks so similar was a complete surprize to us when we ran into each other at scrimmage. It is rather cool to look at the two variations on a similar concept. Though we never got to partner up, it would have been cool to see these robots on the same side of the court.

Brandon, 2168 is ready and looking forward to NYC to complete with some old friends and to make new ones.

There’s a highlight reel from the Shakedown featuring both teams’ bots.

Brandon also updated his facebook pics throughout the season which was very cool.

The unveil/video is coming in the near-ish future.

As are we.