pic: FRC2168 - Aluminum Falcons 2013

FRC2168’s robot after our CT rebuild. We call her “Phoenix”.

I still cannot get over how amazing this rebuild was, walking by your pit and seeing just a drivetrain on Thursday morning and then seeing you guys get inspected Thursday night with your new complete robot was ridiculous. The rebuild you undertook was truly inspirational, good luck in St. Louis to 2168.

Did you start off with a 30 pt climber too? By the sounds of it, we underwent a very similar transformation at SVR.



Best of luck at Champs, Foss.

This is what they started off with. A truly amazing feat to pull that off in that short amount of time. See you guys in St. Louis.

What are the new shooter wheels made of?

Also, We seeing this beauty at the Ruckus again?

Marshmallows and magic.

Edit: I thought they were on Foss’ blog. I’ll snag the part number off MM in a second.
They’re made of Nitrile 35A, can’t find part number.

Thanks for the useless post.

I asked about them and I believe the answer I got was that they were 3D printed.

Edit: Actually was some mcmaster part, scroll down for correct answer.


I think these are the right wheels.

EDIT: I can’t get this link to link to the specific product, but if you click on this link and then click “Sure-Grip Drive Rollers” it should work.

Can’t wait to check this one out at Champs!

Thanks for the comments guys.

The wheels are McMaster 2498K15. Special thanks to FRC2590 for sharing some key information with us about them.

We would also like to thank our good friends on FRC228, without the openness of their resources we would not have been able to accomplish this transformation. It was awesome working along side them.

I plan to do a behind the design on both machines I mentored this year on my blog at a later date (FRC2168 and FRC558).

Ruckus? We’ll have to see, the team is pretty strapped for cash with traveling to championships for the first time this year. If we go it would likely be a small crew like last year. We had a ton of fun!

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

A beautiful example of continuous improvements. I don’t know a lot of teams with the guts to rebuild a robot that captained an alliance to a regional win, but 2168’s new top was very potent at CT. Can’t wait to see you guys excel at the Championship.

This is the time lapse of the Thursday rebuild in Hartford. One point I’m particularly proud of: at any point in this video, more than half of those working on the robot are our students.

Prelims have us losing Quals 11 with you guys, I believe we need to prove the system wrong. #Team 1262 STAGS

Can’t wait to see you at champs!!
Good luck!!