pic: FRC228 and FRC195's Practice Feild

This year the Cybernights invited GUS robotics down to share a practice field! GUS built the bridges, and Cybernights built the baskets, we’ll both be sharing the build on the barrier! Thanks again Cybernights!

So it looks like you two teams aren’t going over the barrier or scoring on the lower hoop? :wink:

The barrier is being built right now, and there is actually a lower hoop, that student is just blocking it fairly well. :p. But then again, who needs the lower hoop when you’ve got the top hoop. ;].


Hey Mike,
This year, we were able to find out the exact carpet used in competitions and purchased enough for the field. This way the drivers can get a feel of the actual competition surface. Saucier Mechanical has been really good to the team. This playing field area is a huge help! 228 and 195 are going to have a great time practicing!, Sandra PS: we will be watching your show!

CyberKnights* I believe :wink:

Looks like a great opportunity for both teams! Good luck to both of you.


Will other local teams be invited to practice? Or is this a closed facility?

Pretty nice facility you guys got there.