pic: FRC229 Teaser #1

What is it?

Some sort of “brake” that you plant into the carpet.

I think it’s to get out of being t-boned.

Could also drop a ball caster on there.

I am with Akash. It looks like a set of skids on pistons with very slick plastic. Likely to do a “quick turn” or reduce scrub issues.

I don’t think you would make a break out of rounded Delrin.
Maybe something to angle the entire robot to shoot…but the bore doesn’t look large enough, even if there were 2 of them…

A stabilizer to prevent the robot from rocking about dropped center wheels while shooting the ball?

Get out of t-bone card.

Could it be a integrated jacks so you can more easily work on the robot in the pits?

It’s a drift mechanism! Like Mario Cart, taking a turn too tight, too fast? No big deal!

If that’s correct, I like the idea a lot! I look forward to seeing it in action.

Also, I appreciate good teasers like this. It’s almost refreshing :wink:

More importantly I see a strap which implies a kicker hard stop at least in my mind. With that line I reasoning I guess that the robot has a “Kicker Arm”.

It’s the secret endgame mechanism