pic: FRC254 -- Ball Collection Mechanism

Team 254’s ball collection mechanisms.

looks very familiar.

Thats team 968. Overall I’m not sure where I stand on shared designs. I like going to a regional and seeing a variety in design, but such shared designs tend to be better constructed so I guess it’s quality over variety. I just wonder how much of it is actually developed by each team and how much is by a couple individuals. I’m not saying it’s bad or good, just wondering.

As was said in another thread, 254 and 968 co-designed their 2006 robots.

Just curious, what are those black rollers made of/from?

We made them out of ABS.

They’re ABS plastic.

I like it. (968’s looks a little more photogenic, but that might be the backdrop.)

Is that clear polycord? The orange stuff has been everywhere on Delphi and at UCF, but I hadn’t seen any other colors.

the same stuff, just a different color…available in clear on mcmaster-carr, supplied by fenner drives

They have both clear and green polycord.

Orange is stretchy.
Clear is Hard.
Green is Abrasive.

Last year a Mentor team and two rookie teams had the same
design. We called them the triplets. But later found out there
was a practice robot made as well! :smiley:

Attention teams, if you don’t give a darn about quality, you should. If you do, check out these two robots. In my opinion, these two robots are the highest quality in FIRST in nearly every aspect. The attention to detail is phenominal. If you spend 10 minutes looking at one of these beauties, you are cheating yourself. It takes hours of jaw-dropping stares to truly appreciate all that went into these machines. Every little detail. Nothing was overlooked and not one bit of quality was sacrificed.

We all can learn a lot about quality and good design and fabrication from these two robots.

In all honesty, there are still aspects of design in this robot that I don’t agree with, but when you look at the whole picture, all you can say is “wow.”

Sure, their robot is very elegant in most ways. There are still things that could be better, but overall the entire robot fits together really well. I think in the end in FIRST it isnt about who’s robot looks the best, or looks like its designs have been gone over with a magnifying glass. It’s all about who’s robot works better, how well it can function in this year’s game.

Remember that in industry, a beautiful, complex machine will always be equal to an ugly, cheap sheetmetal machine, that does the same task just as well.

But yea, their design looks streamlined and elegant. Hopefully we’ll see 254 at their best at SVR in a few days.

Better is relative. There is no hands down best anything this year, or most years. There are viable ways of accomplishing a task or ways that aren’t practical. Not to mention the insane amount of luck it takes in each event to win. Lucky breaks and trying to minimize failures or mental breakdowns are what these games are all about, like any sport.

How are the lexan sides attached? Also, whats the function of the rollers on the far side from the accumulator?? I cant figure it out. Really nice robots though.

You are absolutely right! Bottom line - it’s got to work well. But if you can make it LOOK good too, why not go the extra step and show some pride in your work?

By the way, you might want to see how 254 did last week in Portland. http://www2.usfirst.org/2006comp/Events/OR/awards.html). They DO look good. But the design…well…you decide for yourself. Have fun at SVR! :wink:

It was sure an elegant and yet straight forward design. After looking at it, you start have that conversation with yourself, like “oh, why didn’t we think of that”, and “hmm, that’s a sure simple way of mounting that part”, and of course “painting and anodizing your robot?? Don’t they have something better to do?” But seriously, I was shocked when I noticed they (254) use only one sensor (gyro) on the entire bot (at least when I saw it on Friday at PNW). I kept wondering why I could see their entire RC, they’re weren’t a bazillion of PWM’s going into it!! I take it their program was fairly straight forward this year (just wondering)?

Note to self - stop spending 3 weeks getting our camera, 2 servos, 4 quad encoders, 2 current sensors, and gryo to work and just build a good working robot!! Strike that last comment - our team’s programmer may read this :frowning:

Congrats again to them on a great looking and functioning robot. They just keep raising the bar.