pic: FRC269 2007 #1

269’s 2007 robot ‘Otis’ with its ramps lifting two of our previous robots (2006 on the left and 2005 on the right). Both bots are a safe 13" off the ground.

‘Otis’ also features what may be FIRST’s first worm-crab drive. It is quite a sight when it circles around the rack.

Wormdrive crab? I’ve got to see this. Awesome looking robot guys…

There is no real good video of the competition robot driving.

But here is some decent footage of the prototype’s first run, it has some good close shots of the modules at the end.

The final robot has some changes, the steering motion is faster and the modules look a little different, but it is the same general idea.

im gonna get our two teams mixed up so much… 296… 269
oddly enough last years bot was nicknamed “otis ninja”

Finally - an easy-to-access battery!

By the way, I like Mr. Frank’s sweatshirt =)

Good luck this year!