pic: FRC2729 Storm Robotics 2011

Here is Team 2729’s FIRST Logomotion Robot, the Crimson Claw. Check out some test videos and posts from our build season at http://www.twitter.com/frc2729

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the New Jersey and Philadelphia Regionals!

Good to see you guys successfully got this robot to where it is right now. NJ & Philly will be fun with you guys and I hope the best for Storm.

By the way, nice seeing you today at Starbucks. You get that scouting stuff done? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does your mini bot start above the deployment line before it’s deployed? the way it’s angle in this picture, looks like it start above the line before it’s deployed.

Pat - The minibot does start below the deployment line before it is deployed. That mechanism back there flops down and shoots the bot out towards the pole as shown here before the minibot was finalized…

All of the best work gets done at Starbucks. Just ask Mr. D. about that one! Yep, sent it back to the “scout master” with feedback.