pic: FRC2729 Storm Robotics Team 2012 Robot

First there was “Stormy”, then “Brave Beckham”, and last year “Crimson Claw”. For the 2012 season Storm Robotics presents “Donald Duct”.

Check out some video here; http://youtu.be/n-rK4V7GIcc

A few robot features:

  • Wide base, 6 wheeled tank drive.
  • 6" plaction wheels are direct driven by a AM Super Shifter.
  • Ball control takes place at 3 independent stages; intake roller, holding belts, and shooter delivery belts.
  • Intake roller can pick up 2 balls at once.
    -Bridge tipper is located the ball intake roller side of the robot.
  • Shooter is mounted on the opposite side of the intake roller.
  • The shooter is a set at a fixed angle but has the ability to adjust compression manually.
  • The shooter is capable of hitting shots from the edge of the bridge on our offensive side of the court.

Follow some of our design decisions on twitter @frc2729.

Looking forward to seeing our friends at Chestnut Hill and Lenape MAR District events, and hopefully the MAR Championship. Good luck and have fun this season!

your robots illegal!! you dont have bumpes on!! hahahaha.

nice, i cant wait to see it in action. where you participating this time aroud?? i dont think we see you unless till MAR chmp.

good luck

Looking great Knauss! It seems very similar to what the Devils are doing this year in terms of chassis but I know you guys put your own engineering along with the intake and shooter. We will be watching you guys out here on the west coast and rooting you on at both Chestnut & Lenape.

Nate this is looking really nice. I’m excited to compete against it at Chestnut Hill. Does this one have a twin sitting at home to practice with? Could definitely be a big hitter.

See you guys soon.

You scared me for a second there, I thought you saw something we missed! I think my heart skipped a few beats. :slight_smile:

Heh… i was just kidding the bumper rules are too funny this year…

Though really the bot looks solid.

Haha yeah, that scared the crap out of me too! Thanks buddy!

Thanks Akash. Unfortunately there is no twin to this robot but there is not much we need to do with it aside from some autonomous code and more driver practice.

This has been one of the best builds I’ve been a part of. Our students are great and work extremely well with our mentors. It’s been a great build-season.

Looking forward to seeing everyone around the “MAR block”.