pic: FRC2826 Wave Roboics Championship Preview

Pre-Championship Release Video Coming Tomorrow around 5pm Central. #GregorNoodle

Can’t tell if that’s an ethernet cable coming out from under the robot or a tether to something else. My guess is the former, but you never know…

Tethered bin grabbers maybe?

It looks awesome! I can’t wait to see your robot in person!

Well that’s one way to get 24 points… :wink:

It’s only 12.

It does seem a little over kill that their robot can lift that much.

Decent I guess.

Looking good. :wink:

What? No RC on top?

I hope it doesn’t fall over on Fond du Lac

What is this #gregornoodle I hear so much about??

This Gregor here:

was supposedly upset that 2826 was not noodling their stacks.

Good luck to WAVE and all Wisconsin teams at World. The state will be well represented.

Also, great job on your very high world ranking! Very well deserved.

See you there.

I wonder how much that will be worth at IRI?

the real questions is how did you get that down.

I personally love this robot. The three bin auto with those clamps is so unique and works like a dream. Go Depthcharge!


(i’m just goofin … new bot goofin :wink: )


                     such modesty
                                     maxamum grasious pruhfeshunal


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It helps having multiple people over 6 feet tall. We just grab the totes at 7 high after they’re scored and its a slow and steady descent.


So your 2nd and 3rd stacks are going to be done all in one shot?