pic: FRC2826 Wave Robotics 2015 Wisconsin Champions

FRC2826 Wave Robotics is proud to bring back the WI Regional title back home for the third time.

Check out our 128 point solo score at https://youtu.be/tQ8-RCz-s5M (Originally 136, but 8 pts for RC auto was removed because the RC’s were over the line).

Special thanks to 2062 and 2530 for being amazing alliance partners!

Congratulations on your win! 2 years must feel like a long time.:slight_smile:
The concept of grabbing 3 cans in auto ready to cap 6 stacks is very similar to the rookie 4613 in Australia. But your’s gets the auto bonus. Very impressive.

Good luck the rest of the season and see you at Champs.

Tyler, so cool to see you guys back again leading the pack. Talking to you and the other mentors and keeping up with the progress of your team each season has been so much fun because you guys never set your standards lower after what you consider a “bad season” due to a lack of blue banners. Instead of setting the bar lower, you just improve your team to match those goals, and it is super inspirational.

Congrats to 2826 for a great regional win! This robot was awesome to see up close, and is an amazing engineering feat. Good luck in Minnesota in Week 6, and at Championships! I’m sure you will do well in representing Wisconsin on the big stage.

Congratulations, I was amazed by you’re Auto. Good Luck at the championship.

Yes, they’re auto totally ruled once they got 'er dialed in… and got their driver controls plugged in to the proper ports! ::ouch:: As we always try to emphasize, failure is a part of every success… unless you accept it as a failure and stop trying to do better.

Thanks for believing in us. This will be our first St. Louis experience. We hope to make the most of it.

Congrats your win was well earned. You had quite an amazing bot. You have the best auto I have seen this year!
Have fun at champs!

What he is referring to is in Semi-Final Match 6, we did not assign the control ports correctly and so the driver was the operator and vice versa. Not knowing the immediate problem and knowing that no matter what we were moving on to the finals, our coach made a smart decision to just E-Stop in-case something went wrong.

We had the same issue during one of our qualification matches but since we have had the issue before I realized it and swapped them around. I am not sure why it happens but we now make sure before each match that both controllers work and are in the correct order.
Great job and hope to play with you at North Star!

we had a USB port on the driver’s station go bad in one of our matches in Arkansas. gotta love issues that have nothing to do with the actual robot itself rearing up at the most inopportune times.

congrats again on the win, guys! we’re looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis!

Guys, double clicking the controllers in the Driver Station joystick listing will lock them in place. We had that problem in the LA regional and accidentally bent one of our pickup claws, so we locked the controllers in the software and experienced no more problems. BTW, congrats 2826 on a amazing auto routine!!!

Thanks for the info, I will be sure to do this right away when I get the drivers station again.