pic: FRC2826 Wave Robotics Depthcharge TBA

Picture of Wave Robotics FRC2826 2015 Robot Depthcharge for TBA

This is hands down my favorite robot of the season.

2826 definitely looked deep into the game and found a excellent strategy. I would have loved to sit in on that game analysis back in the early weeks of the build season. What they came up with was fluid and repeatable. Way to go WAVE!

Seconded. Watching 2826 constantly refining and improving throughout all of Wisconsin was amazing. This robot really embraced what made RR so different from any other modern-era game. It’s an inspiring machine to watch.

Thirded. I so admire both how well this robot was engineered and how specifically tailored it was to the strategy that the team selected.


This is actually what we modeled our auto mode after…

That… makes a lot of sense with hindsight. In a design class I recently took, they stressed the idea of “abductive reasoning” and this is a fantastic example of that.

Kudos on a fantastic season, Wave. I hope to see you back on Einstein next year.

I think it would be cool for teams to video some of their strategy and design sessions reserved for post-season viewing for other teams. I agree, I would love to see how they came to that final product and the discussions they had leading up to that.

As we told you when we came over to your pit at St. Louis
You were our very favorite robot this year in all of FIRST.
Your students were justifiably proud of their accomplishments and showed it in your pit when we talked with them.

Thank you for inspiring so many of us by your engineering and your enthusiasm. You certainly deserved the Excellence in Engineering award on Newton-Hopper!

All the best of luck to you in the future!

I’m sure we do what lots of teams do. Together as a teams we thoroughly read the rules, list all ways to score points, then come up with a strategy to score the most points we possibly can.

Our main goal for our strategy is to be able to score as many points as possible to assure a win(this year high average) by ourselves. We have this rule so we don’t have to rely on our partners in a match. You never know when an alliance partner will break down so not needing them to assure a victory is essential to seeding 1st.

Can you say new phone background? But seriously congratulations to a great season! Hopeful for many more.

Coming into this season, I figured a viable strategy would be to do what the Cheesy Poofs did in 2014 - guarantee a large autonomous advantage every match regardless of what your alliance partners can or cannot do. We knew a 3 tote stack was never going to happen unless it was done by a single robot, but a 3 tote stack and 3 container set was something I had ruled out as too difficult for one robot to do.

Not only did Wave pull this incredible feat off, they did it in such elegant fashion. The way they grabbed them and set themselves up perfectly for teleop to begin stacking was really a sight to behold. Congratulations on such an amazing season.

We spent a long timebetween bag and tag and our first event chasing the elusive 3 tote and 3 container autonomous, which we pulled off successfully in a match exactly once before we abandoned it for playoffs at our first event and at all subsequent events for a regular 3 tote. IRI rules make it easier though…

Kudus to 2826 for actually doing it well. :wink:

Yup, I remember that, as well as 2054 for another one of the three tote three can teams. We tried pretty hard once we saw 987, 148, and others doing a 3 tote 2 can auto, but the end result was not pretty; especially if a can happens to fall over (not something we dealt with especially well this season).

I enjoyed meeting a few members of 2826 while in the pit area lining up for a funnel cake (of all places). We had some laughs about worlds and about Canadians vs Americans. We’re really not all that different. I met a very young looking member of 2826 who seemed extremely bright and intelligent. Not surprising given their team performance!

Thanks for the compliments everyone! Our driver is actually Canadian, so we figured it had something to do with our success (told him he would be deported if he disappointing us)… He kept wanting a sticker on our robot that said powered by maple syrup.

I simply cannot get over how awesome your robot is. The 3-can autonomous and the way you cap stacks with those cans is amazing.

But obviously it was the American engineering that went into it that made the bot special, right Tyler?