pic: FRC2826 Wave Robotics Frame Teaser

A little teaser of our frame for the 2014 season. We hope to rotate some attention in our direction…

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Good luck to all teams in the 2014 season!

A little 2008-118 rendition by 2826?

I might just be seeing things, but is that a turret on top?

I spy a turret.

That was my initial thought, but needs more swerve :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm… Are you sure? :deadhorse:

2826 did build a swerve drive in the offseason.

Did we now…

I like the superstructure attachment.

You did one in 2009… :wink:

We did one in 2009 our rookie year, but not since then.

Now what use would we have for that?!?!?! :rolleyes:

More teaser pics in the near future, thank you for all the FB likes and compliments.