pic: FRC3337 New Battery Box

Here is our custom battery box. It can hold up to 40 batteries with chargers and fans. It also makes a great work top as well.

Looks really nice!

Why so many batteries?

That is alot of batteries…

That could weigh upwards of 700 lbs. Considering 40 batteries weighs 550 ish…


We don’t need to bring our battery charging cart to Red Stick anymore… We can just use this, right? :smiley:

Tbh we didn’t realize the cabinet guy was going to go so big. Still, it can also store lots of parts and act as a charging satstion for our offseason event :slight_smile:

Always be prepared! I got used to 16 healthy batteries. When I joined another team, I was shocked to have fewer than 10 total with some in questionable health.

Treat your batteries well and they will last a long time (3-4+ years)!

They must be supplying the entire Division…What great GP folks! Nice Battery storage & charging cart!