pic: FRC3553 LogoMotion Robot



7’ span- defensive robot with brand new deployment arm and minibot. ~10fps 4 wheel drive w/ roughtop tread. Window motor side arm deploy with rail’fun’ launcher. Thank you Dustin(816) and Tyler(2016) for all your help.

We’ve been practicing for St. Louis with our second bot. See us playing in Curie! We’ll also be competing for Championship Rookie All Star.

Once again, thank you Boeing and Lockheed Martin for giving us funding.



I remember the first time I saw this robot on the field. My first thoughts were “what the.” This is one of the most awesome robots this year and it plays pretty solid defense. Im excited to watch you guys at some point at St. Louis. Good luck at the championship.

Thanks Joe, best of luck on Galileo :slight_smile:

I’m still throughly impressed with what 3553 has accomplished this season, given the unique and difficult constraints they worked under. I really think Dragonfly is going to put a show in STL, but how much of a show is the question.

And Akash, I can’t thank you enough for letting me take your place at the Championship this year. I hope I make you proud, bro. (Btw, twins in 2012? :wink: )