pic: FRC3880 - Competition Frame 2016

TikiTechs FRC2016 Competition Frame - Students Finished Welding & Milling Friday.

I spy some 3 CIM shifters :slight_smile:

Looking quite Spiffy.

I spy PTOs

I’m glad to see the team is taking time to eat…and while picking up the food you snagged a tool chest.:wink:
The frame looks great!

I spy a mentor couch!

Can’t wait to see this machine in Orlando. Looks great.


That’s some interesting welding you have there… I hope it holds together for you guys.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Sorry to not post more, obviously we are busy. Final wiring was last night and pneumatics later today…

This is our first year in our own space… So forgive the mess, we are still moving out all the old equipment from this converted woodshop.

I cannot tell you how sick of Costco pizza I am… I had to stop eating pizza.

The new building (to us) is quite large and we have two couches now… Plus we just built a kitchen, hoping to cook more there and have less junky pizza.

This will be our first time to have all the field elements in the same space as the build area. Exciting to be sure.
We have half a field built and should be driving the competition bot tonight.

Yes we will be using the WCP WCD 3Cim with PTO this year. This was our transmission we purchased for Aerial Assist. Just loved it. We added the PTO this year and it should be just as awesome. We did have to add an additional reduction to achieve our desired torque and speed with the 8" tires.

Certified_Nerd - Not sure about the comment regarding the welds.
As far as I am concerned the students did a fine weld on the aluminum, especially since they are freshman! Might not be the prettiest but we did lots of stress testing and they are holding strong with good penetration.
I will post the welds they did on our upper structure, when I can, which came out really nice. I thought it was the metals shop mentor who welded it when they brought it over. They are quite proud of what they have been producing, which makes my day.

RoboChair - Devin keep an eye out for a package. I found a hidden stash of shirts and have sent it to the address I got from you at the Silicon Regional. Sure wish we were coming there this year, but our MoonRIDERS testing is at KSC this year so we opted to compete at Orlando to save on travel expenses… Hope to get some time to work with you some more soon. Thanks again for all your help…

The illuminate - Yeah you know it!! Wait till the Arduino controlled LEDS and diffusers are installed… I will definitely post that to our youtube channel when it is done.

Good luck to everyone,