pic: FRC3880 - The Tiki Techs - 2015 Drivetrain rev2

FRC3880 - The Tiki Techs - 2015 Drivetrain rev2

Current setup:
3”x1.5”x.25” Drivetrain tubes with 16t #35 sprockets & chain inside.
2”x1”x.25” Front & rear frame with offset bumper mounts.
The offset bumper mounts allow full access to the wheels as well as centers the support behind the bumpers.
4”x2” Colson in the center set and 4”x1.5” Colson on the outer set of wheels which are 1/8” above the center set of wheels. This rise is obtained by off center drilled custom inset axel blocks using the Vex cam for tension adjustment.
Chain access holes under the center axels to easily install the sprockets. As well there is easy access behind the axel blocks. Axel blocks are machined out of .5” material to partially nest inside the frame.
This hex frame is designed for the motors and pneumatics to be located over the frame and tires.
Chain in tube and motors over frame allows for a free center area of 18"x28" to work with. Depending on battery orientation and electronics there is ample space potentially available for just about any tool ideas.
New one piece, 4 motor capable, 2 live driveshaft, 2 speed transmissions for this design will be posted soon. These new transmission are under 2.5” wide by 10” long
Weight can be saved by going to .1 material, though we didn’t have any…
Have to build with what we have available. Currently under construction!

Looks solid, just a couple of questions:
Are the bumper mounts supposed to form a hexagon? What is the pattern on the bellypan? The render makes it hard to tell.


Yes I mentioned that this is a hexagon frame design about mid way :stuck_out_tongue:

The belly pan is also hexagons… yup a theme… I tilted it so show more of the angled bumper mounts. I didn’t give much thought to showing off the pan.

The basis of the design is a 8 motor hex frame with the motors and shifter mounted over the frame for a mostly empty belly pan. With the new electronics coming out, it will all fit within the pan area within the frame height. I will be posting the transmission soon, I had to run a Vex IQ event today, cute them bitty bots!

Thanks for the questions…