pic: FRC3880 - The Tiki Techs - Tire Wear

Tire wear on the center wheels of our WCD.
This is what happened to our tires in our first practice match. The robot ran into the wall during autonomous and drove constantly in low gear.
At first we thought we had blown the 120a breaker since we were unable to move during teleop.
Turns out the tires got so hot that they melted and adhered themselves to the carpet!
After the match ended the field crew had to work for 10 minutes prying our robot off the carpet. Sorry

I didn’t think it would be possible to get this much wear in 10 seconds.

Still looking for the picture of the field…

New tire shown for reference.

Well that’s a new one…

If you use Blue Nitrile the carpet melts first

I want pictures… :stuck_out_tongue:

(if not, very tempted to try this with some spare carpet…)